About Us

For almost 10 years we have shared the beauty and luxury with clients from all over Europe. We have completed dozens of investment in the finest cities of the Old Continent , however we still believe it hasn’t been our final word.


Design – is something what distinguishes us on the market and what allows us for continuous development. Uncompromisingly luxurious and unique just as our designers and interior designers.

A visit to the studio and the contract

After the first meeting and discussing the objectives and scope of the work we prepare an individual offer.

A signed contract usually involves carrying out all the works, ie. an interior design, construction and finishing works and supply of materials and furnishings. After signing the contract we start developing the project.

Concept and Design

Firstly, we prepare necessary documents and develop a detailed inventory of interiors. Then we prepare functional designs. Once approved, the projects of interiors are presented using visualization. It is the stage when the projects get the final touch. In parallel with the design works we control the previously approved budget.
The detailed design specifies all the details such as combinations of materials and projects of custom-made furniture.

Implementation and supervision of the projects

With the support of the project we prepare work and supplies schedule and immediately proceed to completion. We continuously monitor the progress of construction and finishing works, we control the quality of the construction materials supplied. Our client regularly receives reports on different stages along with the time schedule information. The reports also include photographic documentation of the construction.

Acceptance of works

The interiors are always cleaned before final inspection and acceptance of works. It takes place together with the client and includes checking all the details of works and delivered materials and equipment as written in the contract
This stage ends with signing an acceptance protocol by both parties and handing over warranty documentation. At the end of the project each investor receives a set of images from a professional, proprietary photo shoot of the interior.

Warranty and Service

On the work done we give 12-month guarantee and provide long-term, post-warranty service for each item that has been carried out by us.



References from a satisfied client is something that gives us the greatest motivation to complete the bold and unusual projects.
We would like to share the opinions of those who trusted us.