About our realization:

Fabulous house nestled among old lime trees under the forest, suitable for 4-5 in the case of adapting the attic for 7 person family.

Large, covered terrace with planks of Siberian larch is the icing on cake and gently shimmering stone Tassos on pillars and around the house as well as warm lighting of facade and garden add glamour.

The interior has been designed in a classic style with utmost attention to detail and finishing with an emphasis on natural materials.  In whites, blues with a touch of raw wood and stone , a storey house is the essence of elegance 

The uniqueness of this place comes from original elements imported from all over the world- Singapore, the Philippines and Andalusia. Wallpaper, carpet in Moorish designs or cobalt vase are a reflection of far journeys

Range of work:

  • design and arrangement in collaboration with architect
  • the construction of the state developer
  • construction and finishing works
  • home staging,
  • Photos: Piotr Kunc Citipixel


Near to Wroclaw



Date of realization

July 2013